Union Square Next Steps in Response to Coronavirus

RE: Union Square Coronavirus Response Information

Dear Valued Tenant:

Effective March 6, 2020 at 12:00pm (noon), One and Two Union Square will be limiting access to the buildings to just tenants and their guests to keep the buildings a healthy place to conduct business.  We have previewed our proposal with a number of our tenants and have received their full support.   While these access restrictions will impact your daily operations and business, we believe these are best practices consistent with advice from public health professionals and hope that the impact will be minimal.  We ask that you share this information with your coworkers and guests.

What is building management doing next?

Because we care about the safety and well-being of you (our tenants), and after consultation with public health experts, out of an abundance of caution, we will be limiting access to the building as one additional step that may help to reduce potential exposure to / community transmission of the Coronavirus.  Please also refer to our earlier communication dated March 1, 2020 that discusses social distancing and best hygiene practices.  You can find this on the Union Square website at www.unionsquareseattletenant.com

Why are we doing this now?

We want to take reasonable steps to keep Union Square a safe and healthy place to do business and to protect our tenants.  Limiting access to those who have a “need to be here” seems like a modest but prudent step and is consistent with the recommended concept of social distancing.   We are unaware of any incidences of contagion among the employees of any of our tenants and this step may help to reduce community transmission of the virus from people who do not have a specific need to be in the buildings.

Again, this is just one element of our efforts to keep the buildings a healthy place to do business.  Please refer to our other recommendations regarding social distancing (working from home) and hygiene, especially requiring members of your teams who are ill to stay home until at least 48 hours after they have no symptoms.

What does this mean for Union Square Tenants?

Access to the building will be restricted to employees of tenants in the building and their guests (see below).  Initially, employees with building access cards may access the building from any key card controlled door.   Please instruct your employees NOT to allow other individuals to enter with them.  If an employee does not have a building access card, we can issue new cards to them with your consent.   If you do not wish certain employees to have access cards, they will still be able to gain access to the building from one of the three entrances noted below, provided they have a photo-ID and a company-issued business card (from a Tenant company) that matches that ID.

What does this mean for Union Square Guests?

Guests will only be permitted onsite when they have essential business to conduct at the building.  We would prefer that a member of your team meet these guests at one of the two access points described below, but we will initially allow guest access if they specify which tenant they are visiting and the purpose of their visit.

Where are the access points to the building?

For those with building access card keys, at this time, they will be allowed to access from any door that offers card key access to the building.  These entrances are located at the following:

  1. One Union Square Main Lobby
  2. One Union Square G Level Entrance (by MOD Pizza)
  3. Two Union Square 7th Avenue Entrance (in the driveway under the building)
  4. Two Union Square 6th and Union Entrance (by Cortina)
  5. Two Union Square 2nd Level Entry by Fireplace Lobby
  6. Two Union Square Main Lobby Entry by Security Desk (by East Garage Elevators)

For all others, access will be granted at only two entrances to the building (See Exhibit A for map and photographs):

  1. The Main lobby entrance of One Union Square at the north door
  2. The 6th and Union side door in the courtyard across from Cortina’s lobby entrance

Security personnel will be posted at both guest access points during the day.  Any after-hours guests (those arriving between 6:00pm-6:00am) should use the intercoms at the One Union Main Lobby entrance, the Two Union Main Lobby Entrance by the East Garage Elevators, or the 7th Avenue Entrance (in the driveway under the building)

What about parking?

The garage will continue to be accessible to Monthly Parkers and guests; access to the buildings via garage elevators.

What about deliveries?

At this point loading dock deliveries will still be allowed but companies should be prepared for the potential of future restriction of deliveries.  This restriction would require the use of buildings access cards to use the freight elevators.  Loading dock staff would work with delivery drivers to contact Tenants upon arrival – all deliveries would require a tenant escort from the loading dock to their suite.  Deliveries would not be permitted without a tenant escort.

How do I exit the building?

Initially, we will allow exiting from any building door, but we urge you and your colleagues to prevent “tailgating” (i.e., unauthorized follow on visitors).  If this proves to be ineffective, we may restrict exiting the building to fewer access points, or through the garage elevators (when leaving by car/bicycle).  Of course, in the case of an emergency evacuation, you may use any door to exit.

Will building retailers be open?

We have encouraged our building retailers to remain open for our building occupants.  We encourage you to support them by enjoying your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in the building.  For the following retailers: MOD Pizza, Homestreet Bank, World Fresh Asian Eatery, and Cortina, access will only be available through their street entrances.

I still have questions, whom can I contact?

Please contact the following individuals for the following topics:

  1. General questions about these next steps– Mick Newell, Senior Property Manager, 206.613.5318 or mnewell@waholdings.com
  2. Questions about access cards and/or business cards – Tenant Services, 206.623.4567 or unionsquareservice@waholdings.com
  3. Questions about parking and parking access – LAZ Parking, 206.447.5664 or unionsquaregarage@lazparking.com
  4. Questions about security- Security Desk- 206.613.5333 or security@waholdings.com
  5. Janitorial questions – Mick Newell, Senior Property Manager, 206.613.5318 or mnewell@waholdings.com

How can I find out more?

We will post regular updates at https://www.unionsquareseattletenant.com as information changes and/or becomes available.