Fitness Center and Shower Room Reopening

In an effort to keep our tenants safe, we closed the Union Square amenities at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the conference center, locker rooms, and fitness center. Taking into consideration that King County has moved to Phase 3 of Washington State’s Coronavirus response, we plan to reopen the fitness center with safety precautions in place. Beginning Monday, April 19th at 5:00 am, we will reopen the fitness center and locker rooms under the guidelines outlined below. We ask that you carefully review the following and share with your respective staff:

Fitness Center:

  • Masks must be worn at all times (unless showering or actively drinking water)
  • No more than 12 people allowed at a time. This includes people using fitness center and showers/restrooms
  • No more than three people allowed in the showers/restroom area at a time
  • Only two showers to be used at a time (we will indicate which stalls remain open)
  • Certain equipment will be removed and/or off limits to ensure proper distancing
  • Disinfecting wipes will be available. Please wipe down all equipment after each use

Shower/Locker Rooms:

  • No more than three people allowed at a time
  • Only two showers to be used at a time

In order to maintain thorough cleaning of the facility, we will also be modifying the operating hours. Fitness Center will be open Monday – Friday from 5:00am – 9:00pm. Should you wish to reinstate your access, please send an email to Tenant Services at Whether you are an existing or new fitness center/shower room member, you will be required to submit a Fitness Center Registration form reflecting updated COVID protocols along with updated payment information. In order to complete the registration form, please click on the Fitness Center Registration tab.

If at any point guests are unable to comply with the new regulations, we reserve the right to close the fitness center until we feel it is again safe to do so. Thank you for partnering with us as we move into this next phase of our efforts to keep Union Square healthy and work together as a community in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tenant Services at 206.623.4567 or email