Coronavirus Update June 5, 2020

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Coronavirus Update June 5, 2020 in PDF Format


We want Union Square to be a healthy place to do work; and, accordingly, we want to encourage social distancing when you are in One and Two Union Square.  As we now enter Phase 1.5 of Washington State’s Coronavirus response, we wanted to provide some reminders on social distancing and updates on our response. We ask that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Phase 1.5: Please visit King County’s website (Click here) for further information regarding Phase 1.5.
  • Practice Social Distancing: Keep at least six feet apart at all times possible. This may not be possible when using an elevator, so we will be limiting elevator occupancy as noted below.
  • Wear a Mask: Wear a mask when in public spaces, especially in the lobbies, restrooms and elevators. Please remind your employees/coworkerks/guests of this requirement.  For more information regarding Washington State’s mask policy, click here.
  • Restrooms: Practice social distancing and wear a mask. Please limit the number of people using the restroom at one time to three people (if social distancing allows), and only use the restroom on your floor.  Wash your hands in warm water with soap for at least 20 seconds. Use a paper towel or your sleeve to open and close the restroom doors.
  • Stay Home: Stay home if you are sick, or believe you, someone you have interacted with or live with, may have been exposed to Coronavirus.
  • Elevators: Please use the new elevator queueing lines to enter and exit the elevators. Pay close attention to the signage in the lobbies which will help guide you to your destination.  Please limit elevators to three people at a time, and wait for the group in front of you to load/unload to/from the elevators before calling and boarding the next elevator. Sanitize your hands using the hand sanitizer at each elevator entrance prior to selecting your floor/calling your elevator.  We are adding stickers on the ground/walls in the elevator cabs to indicate where you should stand.  Keep six feet between you and the person in front of you while in line.  Wear a mask when using the elevators, and stand in the corners of the elevator cab.  When leaving your floor, do not board an elevator with more than two people.  Wait for the doors to close, then call another elevator.
    • Entrances to Elevators:
      • Two Union Square:
        • Low-Rise (Floors 4-22): Enter the elevators through the line in the southeast corner (Cortina Café side) of the main lobby
        • Mid-Rise (Floors 23-39): Enter the elevators through the line in the southeast corner (Cortina Café side) of the main lobby
        • High-Rise (Floors 40-56): Enter the elevators through the line in the west side of the lobby above the grand staircase
          • Do not enter the elevators from the north side of the elevator banks in the main lobby (the security desk side).  This side is for exiting only during business hours.  *After-Hours, entry and exit will both be through the south side of the elevator bank, as usual.
      • One Union Square:
        • High-Rise (Floors 21-36): Enter using the queue for the high rise as indicated by signage.
        • Low-Rise (Floors 3-20): Enter using the queue for the low rise as indicated by signage.
  • Lobbies: Lobby seating has temporarily been removed and/or roped off for your safety. Please keep moving while in the lobby areas; do not loiter.
  • Common Area Cleaning: Please note that the daytime janitorial staff is focused on cleaning high touch point surfaces (building entries, elevator buttons, escalator railings, elevator tablets, elevator cabs, etc.) throughout the day. In addition, we have hired additional staff to clean building restrooms and elevator tablets/buttons throughout the day in each tower.  In the garage, our garage staff helps clean the garage elevators and other high touch points.  At night, the janitorial team performs a deep clean of high touch surfaces, elevators, building lobbies, and restrooms.
  • HVAC: The building has increased outside air intake to the maximum levels permitted based on current operating conditions. In addition, the building has at least MERV-13 filters and is in the process of replacing all building filters as part of routine maintenance.  Additional information can be provided on request.
  • Domestic Water: As the building has remained open, the building domestic water system has remained in use, and has been monitored by our team. In addition, janitorial runs all taps every night as part of their cleaning regimen.
  • Hand Washing: Please wash your hands with soap and water frequently, or use hand sanitizer provided in the building lobbies, elevator entrances in the main lobby, and the mail rooms.
  • Use Good Health Practices: Consider using your sleeves, elbow or gloves to open and close doors, call elevators, etc. Sneeze into your elbow and away from others.  You may want to wear gloves.
  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down high touch surfaces in your office multiple times a day using an approved cleaner.
  • Guests: Please limit guests to essential guests only. Guests and tenants without access cards should use security intercoms for access.  These are located:
    • One Union Square Main Lobby
    • 7th Avenue Drive Thru Entry
    • East Garage Elevators (by Convention Center) Entry
      • Each of these locations have an intercom which can be used to call security, who can remotely let guests into the building.  We have signage in place so it is clear to guests where these entries are, and how to use the intercoms.  The parking garage will also remain open for essential building guests and tenants.
  • Report Coronavirus Cases: Please continue to report any confirmed Coronavirus cases to our Senior Property Manager, Mick Newell at
  • Consider Remote Working Opportunities: Consider remote working opportunities when possible to promote social distancing.

While many tenants have been working from home, janitorial has shifted some of their focus to sanitization of high touch areas within tenants’ spaces, in addition to base services outlined in your lease.  To schedule a deeper clean of your Lease Premises, please contact Tenant Services at or 206.623.4567.

We will keep you updated should there be any further updates.  We will be posting updates at Thank you for partnering with us as we move into this next phase of our efforts to keep Union Square healthy, and work together as a community in response to the Coronavirus pandemic!