Two Union Square Renovation Update for March 8-10, 8PM to 6AM

Two Union Square escalators will be out of service 8PM March 8 to 6AM March 10.  [Note: Access during business hours is not affected.]

During this nighttime work, the main lobby is accessible by using the elevator on 7th Avenue and the north door adjacent to the garage elevators as both of these locations have card readers. Access via the parking garage is not affected. 6th and Union doors are not affected except that the escalators will not be in service. If you need to reach the main lobby, use the courtyard stairs by the waterfall and proceed to the north door near the parking garage elevators.

Exiting Two Union is limited to the following:

  • North and south doors just past the grand stairs to the courtyard
  • The elevator behind the shoe shine (which takes you to 7th Avenue)
  • East door just past Tullys
  • North door at the garage elevators
  • West door at the bottom of the grand stairs

For anyone affected during the hours noted above, work will be in progress – please be mindful of the construction barriers and watch for signage. Thanks for your patience!