Project updates as of August 15

The Two Union escalators leading from 6th Avenue to the Two Union retail concourse and to the Two Union main lobby are reopened as of this morning. Thank you for your patience navigating through the courtyard over the past several weeks.

In the next few days, work will be commencing in the plaza area outside the 6th and Union entrance.  The revolving doors will not be accessible while this work is underway.  You can access the level 1 lobby and get to the escalators by using the interior courtyard side entrance (ADA door), which is inside the courtyard to the right of the revolving doors.

If you are wondering what we’re doing on Union Street, all of the exterior canopies are being replaced with glass panels allowing for natural sunlight during the day, and at night, the panels will be lighted with bright lighting.  Lots of upgrades!

Keep checking back here for updates – we’ll post as often as we can to keep everyone informed.  Contact Building Management with questions at (206) 623-4567.