News and Announcements

2019 Floor Warden Training

Union Square’s annual Floor Warden Training sessions are scheduled in the Boardroom on the following dates:

  • One Union Square Tenants: June 13th from 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Two Union Square Tenants: June 19th from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Although one training session may be a bit more specific to one building or the other, Floor Wardens may attend the session that works best with their schedule as much of the safety information will be the same for both sessions. Additionally, anyone interested in learning more about Union Square’s emergency procedures are welcome – whether or not they are an assigned floor warden. We encourage anyone with an interest in emergency procedures to attend.

Per the Seattle Fire Code, annual fire safety and evacuation training is required for all employees who work in high rise buildings. Please encourage your Floor Wardens and staff to attend this important event. Floor Wardens should bring their Floor Warden Manual (red binder) so they can be prepared to share this information with all their coworkers. The Floor Warden Manual can also be found on our website at Refreshments will be provided.

Thank you in advance for your participation. If you have any questions you may contact Tenant Services at 206.623.4567 or email

How To Book Conference Rooms at Union Square

Have you ever wondered what the “short list” of directions are for reserving one of Union Square’s many beautiful conference rooms?

  1. Select a day/time you would like to have your event. Click on the “GO” button.
  2. Check off the amenities you would like.
  3. List how many guests you expect, and the setup you need.
  4. Make sure that prior to your event, you familiarize yourself with the projector/computer set up.      Tenant Services does not provide technical assistance. You will need to bring your own computer and cords. It is best to make arrangements to do a “trial run” to insure your presentation goes well. Call Tenant Services to arrange a time, or go early enough to your event that you can do a trial run.
  5. Call Security 15 minutes before you intend to go to the Conference Center. They will need to unlock it for you.
  6. Need to cancel? Reservations cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the event will not be charged.  Reservations cancelled with 24 hours notice will be subject to $100.00 room rate. Cancellations that take place on the same day as the reservation will be subject to normal room rate(s).
  7. Tenants are typically provided a 60 day window in which to make reservations. Call Tenant Services if you need to make a reservation further in advance. (206) 623-4567. (The request will be sent to the management team for approval for reservations over 60 days out.

Health and Wellness Fair

In partnership with our neighbor, the Washington Athletic Club, we invite you to join us on Thursday, May 2nd for a Health & Wellness Fair.  The event will be held in the One Union Square Boardroom from 11:00am-1:30pm.  Admission to the event is free and the following services will be available at no charge:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietician

While you are there, you can learn more about the benefits of a membership to the Washington Athletic Club, and if you are interested, you can schedule a complimentary visit to the Club.  Please feel free to contact Tenant Services with any questions at 206.623.4567.

We hope that you will take advantage of this exciting event!

Many Thanks For Donating!

The efforts of donors and supporters at One and Two Union Square is incredibly appreciated.   We never know when we might need blood and it only comes from volunteer donors like you! Thank you!

Results for the day, Wednesday, March 6th

  • Registered Donors – 28 – We made our registration goal. Thank you.
  • Units Collected – 22 – We made our collection goal too!  Not everyone can donate each time, we must thank all that try!
  • Lives Saved – 66 – each pint is separated into 3 components, red cells, platelets and plasma.

We had 3 first time donors!  Welcome!  We hope you will become a career donor with Bloodworks Northwest.

We had one donor that became a 1 gallon donor, two donors that became 2 gallon donors and another that became a 3 gallon donor.  The donor with the most donations at this blood drive has given 86 pints of blood in their lifetime!  That is over 10 gallons! Thank you all for your tremendous support!

Mark Your Calendars!

The next eligible blood drive, at One and Two Union Square will be Tuesday, May 7th.
You can make an appointment by clicking on this link:

We’ll look forward to your participation once again- Thank you so much for your support!

2019 Building Holiday Schedule

One and Two Union Square will be closed in 2019 on holidays generally observed in Washington State.  The holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

When the buildings are closed, access to the buildings and elevators are available to our tenants with the use of your after-hours access card.  Heating and air conditioning are not operated unless prior arrangements are made thru Tenant Services ( or 206.623.4567). Tenant Services will be closed on all observed holidays.

For emergency assistance, Security can be reached 24/7, at 206.613.5333.

Thank you for donating!

A blood drive reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for, especially the support and participation you give to the blood program.
Donating doesn’t just change the life of a recipient, it also brings great comfort to the recipients family and friends.
Your commitment is making Bloodworks Northwest a better and stronger partner for everyone who relies on us.

Results for the two days, One and Two Union Square: Monday, December 24th

  • Total Registered Donors: 11 – Thank you!
  • Units of Blood Collected: 8 –  Not every donor is able to donate each time.  We must thank all that try!  

Wednesday, December 26th

  • Total Registered Donors: 29 – Thank you!
  • Units of  Collected: 25 – Not every donor is able to donate each time.  We must thank all that try! 

    Since each whole blood donation is separated into red cells, platelets and plasma, your donations will help save the lives of up to 99 patients in our community.We had a total of 1 first-time donor. Welcome! We hope you will become a career donor with Bloodworks Northwest.

    We had 22 donors that have given over 8 pints of blood in their lifetime!  There was a milestone for 2 donors that became 2 gallon donors!   This is evidence that One and Two Union Square donors are committed to helping save lives! Thank you all for your tremendous support!

On behalf of Bloodworks Northwest and the hospitals that we serve, THANK YOU for your dedication to donating.  You play such a vital role in our mission to save lives.

For those that were able to donate whole blood, you’ll be eligible 56 days from your donation, February 18th and 20th, 2019! You can make an appointment for your next eligible blood drive, February 20th,  by clicking on this link:

We’ll look forward to your participation once again.

Happy New Year!

2018 Holiday Breakfast and Donation Event

As another year comes to a close, it is time to celebrate the season with our annual Union Square holiday breakfast.  Please join us in the main lobby of your building on Wednesday, December 12th from 7:00AM to 9:00AM for fresh coffee, pastries, and holiday music, compliments of your Washington Holdings Property Management Team.

Additionally, Union Square is once again teaming up with our neighbor Plymouth Church to help homeless kids and adults this holiday season with a socks and gloves drive.  The donations will benefit Mary’s Place and the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness. Drop off bins will be available from 7:00AM to 9:00AM Wednesday, December 12th in both building lobbies.

Items Needed for Donation:

-Socks and Gloves (for Men, Women, and Children)

We look forward to seeing you on December 12th!