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Tips and Tricks: Accessing One or Two Union – After Normal Business Hours

Access cards may be used to gain entrance to both One and Two Union Square after-hours; however, the cardholder must also possess an office key to gain entrance to his/her own tenant space. (For your protection, Security is not authorized to provide access to tenant spaces without prior authorization.) Please be mindful that due to the current renovation project where work mostly occurs nights and weekends, access may be restricted at building entrances and through common areas which may alter your normal route.

Card reader locations are as follows:

One Union:

  • Main courtyard at 6th and University
  • G level entrance near MOD Pizza
  • PK level of the parking garage

Two Union:

  • 7th Ave by revolving doors
  • 6th Ave courtyard entrance at level 1
  • Level 2 by Fireplace Lobby (note that from 7/24 to the end of August, this after-hours entrance is restricted)
  • Main Lobby level by garage elevators.

Important to note: Although card readers are found in all of the locations listed above, your card will work only in the building in which you are a tenant. As an example, a One Union tenant’s card will not work at the fireplace lobby entrance, but it will work at the 6th Avenue entrances.

Your card will only allow you elevator access to the floor on which you are a tenant.

For questions, please contact Building Management at

Renovation Project Update – Two Union Escalator Closure

As we wrap up work and prepare to reopen the entrances at 7th Avenue and the stairs leading to levels 1 and 2 near the retail concourse, the next phase of work is set to begin.  This next phase involves some structural work which will require the closing of the Two Union escalators at the 6th and Union entrance on level 1 up to and including the escalators to the main lobby level.

The first closure is a one week period from May 15 to 19. The escalators will reopen but later close again for approximately two months.  Another announcement will be provided for this closure.

We understand the inconvenience this closure is going to be for many of our tenants and guests and would like to provide alternatives during this closure. Several building entrances to note are:

  • From 6th Avenue, enter mid-block between HomeStreet Bank and Marcos. Proceed through the second level of the courtyard to the doorways and use either the Grand Staircase, or elevator 30 to reach the Two Union main lobby.
  • 6th and Union – enter the courtyard and use courtyard stairs to level 2 and enter the building or continue up to level 3 via the courtyard stairs.
  • 6th Avenue, enter near MOD pizza and follow the retail concourse to the Grand Staircase.
  • 7th Avenue, this entrance will be reopened on May 15. The elevator at this entrance is also an accessible elevator and can take you from 7th Avenue up to the Two Union main lobby level.
  • 7th Avenue and Union, external stairs between Two Union and the Convention Center. At the top of the staircase, turn right, then use the entrance near Tully’s.
  • Parking garage entrances are also available.

Thank you for your patience while we undergo renovations.  Please contact the building management team with questions or assistance at:

Renovation Update_weekend of April 14

Renovations for the next several weekends in the level 2 retail concourse, outside of Starbucks and Walla Walla Farms, will continue as preparations are underway for the new Terrazzo flooring.  While this work is in progress the retail concourse will be closed (weekends only from Friday at 6PM to Monday at 5AM). Navigating between One and Two Union Square is limited to outside entrances/exits. Parking garage elevators are not affected.

Continue to check this page for updates; we’ll update the information as often as possible.  Thank you for your continued patience and support during  renovations.  For any questions, please call building management at (206) 623-4567.

Two Union Square Renovation Project is now underway

As promised in our Union Square newsletter and other communications, the Two Union Square lobby renovation project has begun.

By now, you have all certainly noticed the construction barrier on level 2 which has blocked access to the stairs leading to 7th Avenue.  And likely a lot of our tenants and guests have noticed the entry from 7th Avenue drop off area is limited to the elevator or the retail dock door (this door brings you in to the building near Starbucks).

To access to the Fitness Center while this phase of work is occurring, please use the level 1 courtyard entrance.  For World Fresh Asian Eatery, you can also use their courtyard entrance or the hallway on level 1 at the bottom of the escalators.

This beginning phase of renovations is expected to last until early May and then you will see other selected closures in the lobby areas as we continue to improve your building. Please keep an eye on this website and we’ll post updates often.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while renovations are underway.

Building Holidays

One and Two Union Square will be closed on holidays generally observed in Washington.  The holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

When the buildings are closed, access to the buildings and elevators are available to our tenants with the use of your after-hours access card.  Heating and air conditioning are not operated unless prior arrangements are made. Tenant Services will be closed on all observed holidays.  For emergency assistance, Security can be reached 24/7, at (206) 613-5333.


Two Union Square Renovation Update for March 8-10, 8PM to 6AM

Two Union Square escalators will be out of service 8PM March 8 to 6AM March 10.  [Note: Access during business hours is not affected.]

During this nighttime work, the main lobby is accessible by using the elevator on 7th Avenue and the north door adjacent to the garage elevators as both of these locations have card readers. Access via the parking garage is not affected. 6th and Union doors are not affected except that the escalators will not be in service. If you need to reach the main lobby, use the courtyard stairs by the waterfall and proceed to the north door near the parking garage elevators.

Exiting Two Union is limited to the following:

  • North and south doors just past the grand stairs to the courtyard
  • The elevator behind the shoe shine (which takes you to 7th Avenue)
  • East door just past Tullys
  • North door at the garage elevators
  • West door at the bottom of the grand stairs

For anyone affected during the hours noted above, work will be in progress – please be mindful of the construction barriers and watch for signage. Thanks for your patience!