Many Thanks For Donating!

The efforts of donors and supporters at One and Two Union Square is incredibly appreciated.   We never know when we might need blood and it only comes from volunteer donors like you! Thank you!

Results for the day, Wednesday, March 6th

  • Registered Donors – 28 – We made our registration goal. Thank you.
  • Units Collected – 22 – We made our collection goal too!  Not everyone can donate each time, we must thank all that try!
  • Lives Saved – 66 – each pint is separated into 3 components, red cells, platelets and plasma.

We had 3 first time donors!  Welcome!  We hope you will become a career donor with Bloodworks Northwest.

We had one donor that became a 1 gallon donor, two donors that became 2 gallon donors and another that became a 3 gallon donor.  The donor with the most donations at this blood drive has given 86 pints of blood in their lifetime!  That is over 10 gallons! Thank you all for your tremendous support!

Mark Your Calendars!

The next eligible blood drive, at One and Two Union Square will be Tuesday, May 7th.
You can make an appointment by clicking on this link:

We’ll look forward to your participation once again- Thank you so much for your support!