How To Book Conference Rooms at Union Square

Have you ever wondered what the “short list” of directions are for reserving one of Union Square’s many beautiful conference rooms?

  1. Select a day/time you would like to have your event. Click on the “GO” button.
  2. Check off the amenities you would like.
  3. List how many guests you expect, and the setup you need.
  4. Make sure that prior to your event, you familiarize yourself with the projector/computer set up.      Tenant Services does not provide technical assistance. You will need to bring your own computer and cords. It is best to make arrangements to do a “trial run” to insure your presentation goes well. Call Tenant Services to arrange a time, or go early enough to your event that you can do a trial run.
  5. Call Security 15 minutes before you intend to go to the Conference Center. They will need to unlock it for you.
  6. Need to cancel? Reservations cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the event will not be charged.  Reservations cancelled with 24 hours notice will be subject to $100.00 room rate. Cancellations that take place on the same day as the reservation will be subject to normal room rate(s).
  7. Tenants are typically provided a 60 day window in which to make reservations. Call Tenant Services if you need to make a reservation further in advance. (206) 623-4567. (The request will be sent to the management team for approval for reservations over 60 days out.