Thank you for donating!

A blood drive reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for, especially the support and participation you give to the blood program.
Donating doesn’t just change the life of a recipient, it also brings great comfort to the recipients family and friends.
Your commitment is making Bloodworks Northwest a better and stronger partner for everyone who relies on us.

Results for the two days, One and Two Union Square: Monday, December 24th

  • Total Registered Donors: 11 – Thank you!
  • Units of Blood Collected: 8 –  Not every donor is able to donate each time.  We must thank all that try!  

Wednesday, December 26th

  • Total Registered Donors: 29 – Thank you!
  • Units of  Collected: 25 – Not every donor is able to donate each time.  We must thank all that try! 

    Since each whole blood donation is separated into red cells, platelets and plasma, your donations will help save the lives of up to 99 patients in our community.We had a total of 1 first-time donor. Welcome! We hope you will become a career donor with Bloodworks Northwest.

    We had 22 donors that have given over 8 pints of blood in their lifetime!  There was a milestone for 2 donors that became 2 gallon donors!   This is evidence that One and Two Union Square donors are committed to helping save lives! Thank you all for your tremendous support!

On behalf of Bloodworks Northwest and the hospitals that we serve, THANK YOU for your dedication to donating.  You play such a vital role in our mission to save lives.

For those that were able to donate whole blood, you’ll be eligible 56 days from your donation, February 18th and 20th, 2019! You can make an appointment for your next eligible blood drive, February 20th,  by clicking on this link:

We’ll look forward to your participation once again.

Happy New Year!